Second Life – CW 14

A Selection of Second Life News from my Tweets in Calendar Week 14 (March 30 – April 5):

🎨 Arts

Skip Staheli at Obsession Exposed

  • Skip Staheli at “Obsession Exposed”
  • PEARLS by Searby at LEA 16
  • Exhibit by Kari Velvetleaf @ Flossify Gallery
  • “My Way of Beauty” by Yannick Whoa at Dathuil Gallery
  • “Souvenir” by Piedra Lubitsch at Berg by Nordan Art
  • Art in the Park Exhibition: Water & Rain

✈ Destinations

Hustle & Flow Gacha

  • Hustle & Flow Gacha (April 4 – 25)
  • Holmesdale Retreat
  • Bryn Oh’s Lobby Cam
  • Remnants of Earth

🎁 Freebies

The Evil Bunny Hunt 5

  • The Evil Bunny Hunt 5 (April 1 – 15)
  • 1949 Mini Pickup Ford F1
  • Potato Dayton Spider
  • FREE Easter Eggs
  • Day bed gift

🎥 Machinima

The Drax Files: Whiskey Monday

  • The Drax Files: Whiskey Monday
  • The Revenge Fight in Second Life
  • Firestorm Tool Tip Tuesday – Build Tools Magic
  • AHS Marisa Oddi
  • Light Thoughts – LEA15
  • Remnants of Earth

📖 Magazines

BOSL (April 2015)

  • BOSL – The Best of SL Magazine (April 2015)
  • Fusion Magazine – April 2015
  • PHOTOGRAPHY Magazine – April 2015
  • iNOVARE Magazine – MWFW 2015 LookBook
  • REZ – The Virtual Arts and Life Magazine (April 2015)
  • Versus SL Magazine (Spring Summer 2015)

📰 News

High Fidelity Open Alpha

  • High Fidelity Open Alpha
  • A New Perk for Premium Subscribers
  • Living with our Avatars (Part 3)
  • SL Go CANCELLED after Sony acquires Onlive
  • Players Built An MMO Inside of Second Life

Two Art Exhibits

Two Art Exhibits at the Art'e Gallery in Second Life

The founders of Space 4 Art share the Art’e Gallery from 17th of Nov to 17th of Dec 2013. ChapTer Kronfeld presents a cross-section of his work in his unique style … Asmita Duranjaya shows a new collection of artistic experiments with forms, which can be parts of what is called a face.

Two Art Exhibits
(by Asmita Duranjaya and ChapTer Kronfeld)
Opening: Sunday, November 17th at 2pm SLT

Blog → Giri’s Blog
Location → Art’e Gallery

GAIA Theory Project

GAIA Theory Project - Second Life

The “GAIA Theory Project” is a group project supported by the Linden Endowment for the Arts (LEA ) and presented by the Tanalois Group and the torno Kohime Foundation under the direction of Aloisio and Tani Thor Congrejo, and Nino Vichan. It is based on the Gaia theory of Lovelock and Margulis.

GAIA Theory Project
Opening: Tuesday, October 22nd 1:30 SLT
Blog → Linden Endowment for the Arts
Location → LEA13

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Technochory - Exhibition - Second Life

Technochory is a collaborative exhibit by Bryn and Sina located in The Station Skywalk Gallery based on the concept of seed dispersal similar to Myrmecochorty which is the dispersion of seeds by ants. The difference being a future where the plant is a fragile resource with humans as its caretakers. The exhibit will run from Oct. 20 through Dec. 1 2013.

(An Art Installation by Bryn Oh and Sina Souza)
Opening: Sunday, October 20th 10am SLT
Location → The Station Skywalk Gallery

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Overto Omonto

Overto Omonto - Second Life

Overto Omonto
(An Installation by Romy Nayar)
Blog → Per4mance MetaLES ..O..
Location → MetaLES

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