Fade Away




Burning II

(A sim-wide build by Cica Ghost)
Location → Burning by Cica Ghost, Aggramar

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Spanish Wells

Spanish Wells in Second Life

Spanish Wells
(A Landscape by Cica Ghost)
Location → Coral Reef Island

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Little Village

Little Village in Second Life by Cica Ghost

The quirky homes in Cica Ghost’s Little Village stand tilted on little hillocks, some single, some in little clusters, their shapes silhouetted against the sepia sky. It is a village for people, or only for the cats peeking out from the windows? Come enjoy Little Village’s humorous and photogenic appeal.

Little Village
(An Installation by Cica Ghost)
Location → Caramel

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The Visitors

The Visitors by Cica Ghost

Under pouring rain, arriving in the city the Cica Ghost Visitors, with their colorful energy, and open the windows of the Lost Town La Città Perduta on the sensitive and poetic vision of their creator.

The Visitors
(An Art Exhibition by Cica Ghost)
Opening: Friday, February 7 at 1 pm SLT

Location → Lost Town / La Città Perduta

The Visitors - Second Life

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Ghostville - Second Life

(An Installation by Cica Ghost)
More Info → Destination Guide
Location → MetaLES

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