Second Life – CW 12

A Selection of Second Life News from my Tweets in Calendar Week 12 (March 16 – 22):

✈ Destinations

Sparkys by Romy Nayar

  • Sparkys by Romy Nayar
  • Misty Second Life by WuWai Chun (Exhibition)
  • HeLa Lennie’s „In Silence“ at Imago Art Gallery
  • Realm of Asher
  • Corona
  • Highlights from the Destination Guide 3/21/2015

🎪 Events

Fashion For Life

  • Fashion For Life
  • 50 Shades Of Lust Fair
  • The Ostara Fair
  • Spring Festival Hunt

🎥 Machinima

The wondrous art of Mistero Hifeng by Joe Zazulak

  • It’s Time by 2sense Productions
  • Moving Islands – Collective project by Eupalinos Ugajin
  • Ruins by Cica Ghost by Geo Meek
  • VWBPE 2015 Keynote: Ebbe Altberg by Mal Burns
  • The wondrous art of Mistero Hifeng by Joe Zazulak
  • Spring Storm in Virtual Worlds by Glasz DeCuir

📷 Photography

Red Paint by Kalia Harva

  • Always keep your eyes open by Charlie Namiboo
  • Shadows of The Winter by Nebula McAuley
  • Just Another Tequila Sunrise by Jeff Goodnight
  • Spring has driven winter @ Neva River by ARnnO PLAneR
  • Red Paint by Kalia Harva

🔖 Others

The Drax Files Radio Hour Show #60

  • Living with our Avatars (Part 2)
  • VWBPE 2015: Ebbe Altberg’s keynote
  • Second Life Main Grid size as of 15 Mar 2015
  • Kokua Viewer: Release 3.7.26-35224
  • The Drax Files Radio Hour Show #60
  • There are 41,5 Million Sign-ups for Second Life right now

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